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Types of Wood

Piñon Pine, Pinus Edulis, New Mexico

We offer a fine aromatic Piñon Pine from the Western and Eastern borders of New Mexico. Our clients have shared their delight in its mountain aromas. Some say each tree carries its own signature aroma. It awakens an ancient yearning to sit out under the stars and let time flow past. In fact the business, the smell alone keeps bringing our customers and their neighbors back.

The 2019 Piñon Pine Season for us arrives on the back of a trailer, first out of the western edge of New Mexico and lands mid-September. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll get you a quote for 1/4, 1/2 or Full Cords of wood stacked and delivered. These average logs in the 16-18” length range. We can’t keep enough.

Oak, Green and Seasoned, Mixed Varietals

Our oak comes from a farming couple, the Salinas family, out of East Texas. They have 3 kids, one a cancer survivor heading into College. We love their wood and can’t get enough of their smiles.

They spend the Spring, Summer and Fall trimming and thinning oaks off ranches in East Texas that are looking for clearer pastures. This serves to open up some of the land for other uses from farming to recreation. Every piece is hand chosen and split to fit our specifications. It comes in 20-22” lengths.

Pecan, Green & Seasoned

Bill’s nephew has spent the last fourteen years working as a cook and chef in New York. Pecan smoke was one of the flavors that colored his childhood in briskets and Barbado Sheep that were culled from the pastures that his granddaddy tended in the hill country just north west of San Antonio. The Salinas family watch out for Pecan wood and try and save a few cords a load that comes in special, first come, first serve for a select few culinarians of the Metroplex. It could be you, call today and reserve a cord.


Juniper comes as we can get it, give us a call. At the moment we’re out of stock, but we are hoping to have some in for the mid-late fall. Alligator, Hairy Bark (New Mexico Cedar).


If you want it we probably can get it in. We don’t carry it most seasons, but we hope to find a steady supply to keep our smokers a humming.


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All estimates are free and flexible according to wood choice, location and scheduling.

The Salinas’

The Salinas’